Wolf Mountain Ranch

The Wolf Mountain Ranch is truly a western big-game hunter’s paradise situated in an incredibly scenic mountain setting. The property is comprised of approximately 9,280 deeded acres, located in the heart of the Little Wolf Mountains in southeastern Montana.

Six Shooter Ranch

At over 36,000 contiguous deeded acres, Six Shooter Ranch is a vast and beautiful intermountain hunting/recreation/wilderness property located just a short drive from the renowned charm and sophistication of Bend, Oregon.

JE Canyon Ranch

With over 46,700 deeded acres, the JE Canyon Ranch represents one of Colorado’s largest private ranches and wildlife preserves on the market today. Situated in southeastern Colorado’s canyon country, the property includes unique red rock canyons that rival those in southern Utah.

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Ranches for Sale in Colorado: Discover the Supreme Thrill of the Hunt

Encompassing the greater part of the Rocky Mountains to its south, the western area of the Great Plains, and the edges of northeastern Colorado Plateau, the centennial state of Colorado is the ultimate place to be to observe, explore, and enjoy the best of Nature. The real estate conditions in the state are ideal for a rewarding outdoor experience, second to none. Key locations in the region comprise an abundance of game, both terrestrial and aquatic, guaranteed to test your hunting or fishing skills, and keep you entertained for a lifetime.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Colorado Ranches For Sale: Best Two Million Dollars You’ll Ever Spend

The state of Colorado is one of the most fascinating places in the world. The landscape is simply captivating with an abundance of canyons, rocky mountains, plains and water bodies. The view is so surreal, it’s like a rare glimpse into the paradise that only Mother Nature herself can sculpt. Fortunately, with the many ranches for sale in Colorado, you can now own a piece of that paradise. Why settle for just the view when you can live in it? Ranch life perfectly reflects the American desire for freedom, adequate living space, and a true relationship with nature.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Ranch Land for Sale: An Investment Beyond Financial Considerations

Driving on almost any highway in the West Coast, you’re likely to see a lot of ranches along the way. With the miles and miles of countryside stretching as far as your eye can see, you’re probably bound to wonder at some point just how it would feel like to own one of these properties. With the large expanse of land at your disposal, along with the distinct features of each property, the thought of owning a ranch can be very appealing.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Conservation Benefits of Trophy Hunting at Ranches for Sale in Utah

The hunting community has recently come under fire with the death of Cecil, the beloved black-maned Zimbabwe lion at Hwange National Park. Once people on social media got wind of the story, many felt concerned for other creatures in the wild that could suffer the same fate. When done legally, hunting as a sport is not meant to endanger the fragile ecosystem in the wild. What could help prevent such disaster from happening again? Owners of private ranches and big game hunters think that the answer is trophy hunting. Hunting ranches for sale in Utah offer plenty of opportunities for trophy hunting, which, in itself, has many conservation benefits.

Friday, September 18, 2015

Field Judging Bighorn Sheep at Mountain Ranches for Sale in Oregon

Every wild sheep hunter’s dream is to bag a nice pair of Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep’s massive, curling horns. Those big boys are the symbols of a ram’s status, and are used to defend themselves in battles against other males for dominance or mating rights. A Rocky Mountain bighorn ram’s magnificent horns can grow as long as 30 inches, with a circumference of up to 15 inches and weight of up to 30 lbs. Montana might a big player in sheep hunting but public lands and mountain ranches for sale in Oregon have some of the healthiest herds of bighorns due to their constantly increasing numbers.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Big Game Animals at Wyoming Ranches for Sale Make the Best Trophies

As far as trophy and big game hunting go, Wyoming is a hunter’s paradise. With vast lush green lands and varieties of wildlife, it is an ideal place to find a nice pair of antlers, horns, or hide to add to your collection. Trophy hunting is a noble sport. A trophy hunter will usually seek out a certain type of animal, preserve a part of it as a trophy, and fully utilize its meat so that none of it goes to waste. The sport can be even more satisfying if you do it in your own ranch, but before you go on a thrilling hunt, you need to know what sort of animals you’ll find in the field. Here are some of the best big game animals at ranches for sale in Wyoming.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Ranches for Sale in Colorado: Challenges and Rewards in Family Farms

Did you know that majority of farms in Colorado are owned by individuals and families? Some of these properties or businesses are registered as “sole proprietorships,” wherein the legal owner’s partner and children could be helping out in the operations. Other family farms are owned and operated by couples, nuclear families, or multigenerational families. Indeed, running a farm or a ranch with family members can definitely be considered as a norm in the state, which leaves only a few of its acres upon acres of ranch land as corporate farms. Homesteading has become a tradition for several families, and continuing or starting a similar legacy could be encouraging if you’re considering ranches for sale as a real estate investment.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Looking for Ranches for Sale in Colorado? Prepare for the Location!

Are you looking for ranches for sale in Colorado? Don’t forget to study the location and prepare for it! The exact place where your soon-to-be ranch is located can affect several aspects of your business and your lifestyle, too, so you should take time to know what to expect and make plans accordingly. Here are some of the top considerations before you buy: The Weather and Your Water (Plus Other Needs) If you’re envisioning yourself as a rancher in Colorado, planning for the usual weather conditions should be part of your preparations. It’s normally hot and dry in this Southwestern state, but in higher elevations, it’s not uncommon to experience snowfall that quickly melts under the constant sunshine. This precipitation will certainly be great for your irrigation needs, but you have to strategize wisely to maximize the resource.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Preparing Your Ranch for Sale: Dos and Don’ts to Maximize Your Profits

If you have a home or a small business that you wish to sell, you need to be strategic to get a healthy income from the sale. On the other hand, if it’s a big ranch that you’ll be selling, you would have more particular considerations and more preparations to accomplish. You might want to read up on these dos and don’ts to make most out of your ranch for sale. DO take time to decide. DON’T rush into it. What is your reason for selling the property? Are you retiring from ranching, investing in a new property, or exploring other ventures? Talk to your family or business partners before finalizing the decision, since some of them may be interested to buy the ranch or your shares from you, or perhaps, they’ll support your idea to sell.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ranches for Sale: Beef Market Outlook for 2015 Remains Optimistic

The beef market reached record highs in 2014, but that’s all in the rearview mirror. Now, farmers are looking forward to the market outcome this year, and outlook has been mostly optimistic. According to former Oregon Cattlemen’s Association president Bill Hoyt, although June beef prices weren’t as high as a year ago, they are still considerably better than the years that preceded 2014. And it’s not only Hoyt who’s optimistic. Other Oregon ranchers, such as Stacy Davies of Roaring Springs Ranch, felt there were plenty of reasons to be positive as well. “These are very profitable times for the cow-calf and yearling sectors,” he said. The USDA National Agricultural Statistical Service claims that Oregon produced 1.3 million cattle as of Jan. 1 this year, slightly more than the 1.28 million recorded during the same period a year ago.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Ranches for Sale in Wyoming: How to Save Energy on Your Farm or Ranch

Philip Anschutz, one of the richest men in America, with over $12 billion in assets, is seeking to build the nation’s largest wind farm in his Wyoming ranch, a 500-square-mile high-desert expanse. As the owner of the Power Company of Wyoming, Anschutz seeks to generate power with the wind farm and ship it to California—a potentially huge market for renewable energy—via transmission line. According to Bill Miller, the power company’s chief executive, the first turbines could begin to spin within 2018 and 2019, with the rest of the project set for completion by 2022. Estimates suggest that once in full operation, the wind farm could potentially generate anywhere between $660 million and $1 billion in annual revenue.