Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wyoming Ranches for Sale May Go Up in Demand After Food Freedom Act

Farm-fresh secures victory for Wyoming's agriculture sector with the passage of the Wyoming Food Freedom Act (FFA) early this March. It's the first state to adopt a bill that allows a bottle of farm-fresh milk to be sold in the open market instead of being subject to heavy regulation. As the sector expects a resurgence in small-time operations anytime soon, it is also presumed that the FFA will have an indirect effect on ranching real estate. Rep. Tyler Lindholm (R-District 1)—who pursued the legislation after its original author, Rep. Sue Wallis (R-District 52), passed away—told Reason that the bill will support local farmers and ranchers. Those in the market for natural ranches for sale in Wyoming might see the need and opportunity to expand their lands.


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