Thursday, March 19, 2015

Ranches for Sale: A Quick Guide to Cattle Raising and Beef Production

Business-minded individuals in search of a new and exciting enterprise can look into buying ranches for sale and kick off the wonderful opportunity of raising cattle and beef production. Economic stability is practically a given in this business move as writer Jeff Caldwell explains. Still, he stresses that the business has its ups and downs, and one really has to know when to take advantage: “Starting in the spring of 2015, increased supplies of chicken, turkey, and pork will provide consumers with ready alternatives to high-priced retail beef and cattle prices may weaken. That weakening of cattle prices in the spring of 2015 is not a collapse, just a failure of cattle prices to keep making new record highs again and again as was the case in 2014," Hurt says. "The long-term profit outlook for the beef industry is bright, but the record prices in this cycle may well occur in the next six months."


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