Wolf Mountain Ranch

The Wolf Mountain Ranch is truly a western big-game hunter’s paradise situated in an incredibly scenic mountain setting. The property is comprised of approximately 9,280 deeded acres, located in the heart of the Little Wolf Mountains in southeastern Montana.

Six Shooter Ranch

At over 36,000 contiguous deeded acres, Six Shooter Ranch is a vast and beautiful intermountain hunting/recreation/wilderness property located just a short drive from the renowned charm and sophistication of Bend, Oregon.

JE Canyon Ranch

With over 46,700 deeded acres, the JE Canyon Ranch represents one of Colorado’s largest private ranches and wildlife preserves on the market today. Situated in southeastern Colorado’s canyon country, the property includes unique red rock canyons that rival those in southern Utah.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Buying Ranches for Sale in Colorado? Know Wildlife Management First

Rutherford further illustrates how ranchers can benefit from wisely managing the wildlife in their property, alongside raising cow and cattle. For instance, wildlife-friendly fencing keeps your cattle in and allows pronghorn antelope, deer, and other game to migrate through their lands without the risk of getting injured by barbwires. This preserves the game that can be pursued by your recreational hunters, or allows you to take advantage of conservation incentives. If you will be buying ranches for sale in Colorado, make sure you know wildlife management first, so you can maintain the vibrant, thriving quality of your property. The finest ranches in this location – which are available through brokers like Mirr Ranch Group – rarely lack wildlife preserves. This gives you plenty of recreational opportunities, but you have to manage your lands and the species within them efficiently to maximize the profitability of your property.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Managing Ranches for Sale in Colorado: How to Decide on Herd Expansion

If you have similar strategies in place, consider the carrying capacity and conditions of your land, too. As you add and graze more cows, you must have the proper facilities together with the suitable herding techniques. You ought to think of purchasing and managing ranches for sale in Colorado, which have expansive, lush pastures that can accommodate the forage needs of a growing cowherd. According to experts, it would be a couple of years before herd expansion throughout the industry would show yields for beef production, but the gains would be beneficial to the local and domestic scene, and of course, to the ranchers. However, brokers like Mirr Ranch Group can help you find the finest Colorado ranches for sale and even offer expert ranch management advice, so you can get a head start.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Ranches for Sale: Navigating the Complex World of Farm Income Taxes

Farmers, like any other business owner, make money. So like any business owner, they are required to pay income taxes. Understanding the basic concepts behind federal income tax laws is crucial for farmers because the amount of taxes he can owe often affects the benefits he receives from his property. Basic income tax knowledge is imperative What expenses are deductible from farm income? How much will you owe in taxes if you sell some of your cattle? How will adding to your farm staff affect the amount of taxes you pay? As a potential purchaser of ranches for sale, you need to know the answers to these questions. Consulting with an accountant, a bookkeeper, and/or a ranch broker will equip you with the insight and understanding you need to appropriately evaluate the impacts of your income tax liability decisions.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Ranches for Sale in Utah: Conservation Easements and Their Benefits

A conservation easement is a powerful tool used by the government to ensure the permanent conservation of private lands in the United States. Their application has successfully safeguarded millions of acres of wildlife habitats and wide-open spaces, guaranteeing that these places will continue to be for many years to come. As a conservation tool, conservation easements are effective in keeping the lands in the hands of their private owners while allowing them to generate significant public benefits. If you’re planning to buy a Utah ranch for sale, it pays to understand what conservation easements are all about and how they can be of advantage to you.

Friday, November 21, 2014

What Factors Must You Consider in Hunting Ranches for Sale in Oregon?

Hunting is finally getting a little livelier in the Beaver State, as the figures are quite an improvement over last year’s numbers. This is also an opportunity for some savvy hunters to start looking for hunting ranches for sale in Oregon, considering that they’ll experience greater competition with each other in public hunting grounds this season. Private ranches also have the benefit of having well-managed populations of game animals, ensuring that hunters can bag their quota of deer or elk this season without fear of overhunting. Mirr Ranch Group’s experienced ranch brokers are more than happy to oblige by offering buyers some of the finest hunting grounds in the state, in addition to reliable ranch marketing and consulting services.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Post Drought Management is Important for Wyoming Ranches for Sale

This is certainly good news for current and aspiring land owners in the state, as they can look forward to a more bountiful year this time, provided that they take certain measures to improve their profits. After all, even if Wyoming can expect good weather for the rest of the year, the state’s varied geography means that certain places will experience better temperatures and more abundant rainfall than others. It’s for this reason that Mirr Ranch Group provides its clients with reliable ranch management services on its various Wyoming ranches for sale.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Using Ranches for Sale in Colorado for Lucrative Breeding Businesses

After purchasing beautiful ranches in Colorado for sale, investors always have four options: allow the land to appreciate then sell it, start a beef ranch, start a dude ranch, or start a cattle breeding ranch. Although all four are great options, the last might be the best at the moment, as market studies have shown that the US beef industry is enjoying an upsurge. According to experts, the 2013 export profits of the US beef industry is set to break the all-time record set in 2012. Additionally, countries in the European Union, as well as Russia, have removed certain US beef trade restrictions. With the US beef industry set to see massive sales in the near future, many people will certainly try to get into it by purchasing working ranches for sale in Colorado from reputable brokerages, such as The Mirr Ranch Group, and establishing a beef ranch. However, smart investors know that, without breeding operations, it will be difficult to meet the worldwide demand for US beef.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Turning Mountain Ranches for Sale in Colorado into Cozy Dude Ranches

Many Americans love dude ranches because these offer people a chance to experience what life was like during the golden age of the cowboys. With this in mind, try looking for ranch land with unparalleled natural scenery and rugged terrain. Luckily, many brokerages, such as The Mirr Ranch Group, offer many beautiful ranches for sale in Colorado that come with gorgeous views of the mountains and lakes or rivers.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Turning Ranch Land for Sale into Top-Grade US Beef Cattle Ranches

There are many reasons why people would look to purchase large ranch land for sale from a reputable brokerage such as The Mirr Ranch Group, but, for the most part, they buy this type of property for investment purposes. While some people may think about turning their newly acquired property into a breeding ranch or a dude ranch, the smart investor knows that using it for beef cattle ranching is the most profitable move. Beef ranchers love raising Angus cattle because of the breed’s incredible grazing-to-body weight ratio and the even marbling of its meat. Angus cattle are also known for their amazing durability and adaptability. Investors who opt to raise this breed can choose from a variety of beautiful ranches for sale in different states and not worry about how the cattle will adapt to the climate of a ranch’s location.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ranches for Sale in Utah: Growing Cattle and How to Keep Them Grazing

Cows should never go without water, so be sure they have constant access to it. Make sure that the water is clean. If they are on a rotational grazing schedule, it is necessary to switch paddocks every day, or as many times as necessary. As you very well know, knowing how to keep cows grazing is only one aspect of cattle care, and is a consideration that won’t amount to much if you don’t have the right ranch for growing your animals. Quality Utah ranches for sale are available from trusted brokers like the ones at Mirr Ranch Group.