Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Popular Cattle Breeds for Crossbreeding

In the pursuit of the perfect beef, cattle producers have crossed certain cattle breeds to produce offspring that might inherit distinct advantages from their diverse genetic lines. While the specific pairing that leads to the perfect beef has yet to be found, crossbreeding has brought forth many desirable new cattle breeds into the world, with some even becoming mainstays in the US beef industry.

Crossbreeding is a science. Scientists have different ways of calculating the type of calf that is likely to result from pairing up different breeds.


It would make sense to start with the reigning king of beef Angus cattle are known for their incredible efficiency or the ability to turn what it eats into meat. In addition, the marbling of Angus beef is nearly perfect.


Charolais is often used to crossbreed beef cattle because the breed is known for yielding the highest percentage of sellable cuts of beef. In addition, Charolais are known for high growth rates and calving rates.


The Gelbvieh breed is often used for crossbreeding because of its stellar growth rate, amazing fertility, and its calving ease. In addition, the birth weight of Gelbvieh calves are among the heaviest in the industry.


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