Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Of Cattle and Cash: Profitable Ranches

City living has its advantages, yet quite a number of people these days are also looking to acquire ranch properties in rural parts of the country to experience a different way of life and even make a profit. For those with the right disposition and perseverance, ranch ownership can prove quite lucrative.

Ranches can be classified as for-profit ranches or guest ranches. The former can be likened to farms in that they make profit through the sale of produce such as dairy products from cows. On the other hand, a guest or dude ranch gives paying guests an opportunity to experience the ranch life firsthand, and thereby make money as vacation destinations. Through proper planning and management, it is possible to combine both models in a single ranch property.

It takes some business acumen to realize what a ranch can and can’t do, and play upon those particular strengths. In any case, it pays to formulate a thorough ranch plan beforehand that will chart the course of the property and guarantee its success and sustainability. Interested buyers would also do well to work with a reliable ranch real estate company that can help them look for prime ranch properties with natural resources in abundance.


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