Sunday, January 12, 2014

Choosing the Best Cattle Breed for Your Ranch

It’s no secret that Americans love their steak, which explains why there’s such a huge market for beef production in the country. If you recently bought a ranch with the intention of raising cattle, one of the biggest decisions you have to make is which breed to choose. While cattle is generally low maintenance, the proper breed will boost the profitability of your ranch. Here are a few tips to remember:
Consider Your Ranch’s Environment

Different breeds are suited to specific temperatures and terrain, so make sure to choose one that will thrive in your ranch’s environment. If your ranch experiences cold winters, breeds like the Beefalo would be suitable.

Choose a “Multi-purpose” Breed

Waiting for a cow to give birth and raising the calf to maturity is time consuming, so you won’t be seeing a return on investment for some time. Thankfully, dual-purpose breeds like the Brown Swiss and Shorthorn can make suitable choices. The cows can be used for milk production, while the young can be raised for beef production.

Go for Breeds with Low Calving Difficulty

The easier your cow gives birth, the less likely you’ll lose the mother, the calf, or both during birthing. As such, you may want to choose cattle breeds that are known to have “low calving difficulty” to minimize risk and maximize carcass yield.


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