Friday, January 17, 2014

Beginner’s Guide to Popular Beef Cattle Breeds

If news reports from the last few months are to be believed, then global demand for US beef will soon surge. Seeing as the US beef industry is likely to see a boom in profits, many investors are looking to purchase ranches for sale and starting their own beef cattle operations.

Sadly, not all cattle breeds are created equal. Certain breeds are better suited for beef production than others. For the benefit of beginner beef cattle ranchers, here are some of the most popular cattle breeds:


Angus is highly regarded in the beef industry for having the best quality meat by virtue of its incredible graze-to-weight ratio and superior marbling. Angus beef consequently commands high prices, both locally and abroad.


Gelbvieh cattle are popular because of their stellar growth rate, which allows beef ranchers to sell the meat within a shorter time. Gelbvieh also possess great fertility and superior calving ease, so any cattle ranch that raises Gelbvieh cattle will always have cows for the following season.


Herefords are known for their docile and low-maintenance nature as well as high-quality meat. In addition, Herefords are known for yielding great offspring, especially when cross-breeding. Many beef ranchers like to cross-breed Herefords with other cattle types in an effort to create superior-quality meat.


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