Friday, December 27, 2013

Popular Cattle Breeds for New Beef Ranches

More often than not, people looking for ranches for sale in Colorado are thinking of starting a beef ranch. With the way that the national beef industry has been performing as of late, there is no wonder why.

It goes without saying that superior cattle breeds will yield superior beef. As such, only select breeds are typically raised in a beef ranch. Here are a few of the more popular ones in the United States:

Although known as a Japanese cattle breed, the truth is that the majority of the Wagyu beef used in Japan is imported from the United States and Australia. Wagyu beef is popular because of its great marbling and its rich and buttery taste.

Angus, by far, is the most popular in the United States because of the cattle's amazing ability to convert food into meat. This ability has led Angus to be regarded as the best among all cattle breeds. Also known for its superior marbling and tenderness, Angus beef is one of the most sought-after meats in the world.

Charloais cattle are known throughout the beef industry for yielding the highest percentage of sellable cuts of beef. Charolais are also popular for cross-breeding due to their great growth rate and grazing to body weight ratio.


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