Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The First Step in Starting a Chicken Farm Business

It’s one thing to start a chicken farm, but to make a business out of it—especially one that thrives—is something else entirely. You won’t only be playing the role of a chicken farmer, but of a businessperson as well. So before you purchase a ranch for your plans, you need to identify the chicken market you want to target and the area of the chicken industry you want to tap.

There are two main sectors in the industry: layers and broilers. Layers are chickens that are raised specifically to produce eggs, while broilers are chickens that are raised and bred for slaughter. Whichever type of chicken you choose to grow, know that you have plenty of financial and managerial decisions to make to ensure your chicken farm business becomes a profitable one.

As it is with any type of business, the first step in starting a chicken farm business is to formulate a business plan. Doing so will help you set goals you want to achieve with your chicken farm and how to achieve them. Creating a business plan will also teach you how to operate your farm not only from a producer’s perspective, but from a banker’s, a broker’s, a lawyer’s, an accountant’s and possibly an employee’s points of view as well. That said, don’t hesitate to enlist the help of professionals in poultry farming and ranch enterprises for a more informed business decision.


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