Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tips for Buying a Ranch as an Investment

Investing in land is one of the more popular investment strategies due to the fact that the value of land appreciates over time; when paired with the fact that the price of food has been rising in the country, purchasing and establishing a ranch is a great investment option. Wealthy moguls such as Ted Turner, founder of CNN, have looked into ranching as an investment venture for quite some time, and have happily reaped the benefits of doing so.

However, purchasing a ranch can be difficult, especially for first time buyers. As such, here are a few things to consider before deciding on a ranch:

  • Is the land large enough to support your livestock? Before buying ranch property, know exactly what kind of animals your ranch will be keeping, and see if the land caters to the needs of these animals. Beef farming usually has prescribed acreage for particular varieties of cattle to be raised and the number of heads.

  • How convenient is the location of the ranch? As with any property, location is an important factor. How far are your customers from the ranch? If you need supplies, how near are you to the sources?

  • What is the quality of the land? If you can spare the time, visit a ranch you're considering and have the well checked for the amount and quality of the water, and have an expert conduct a soil test. These factors can easily affect the quality of your ranch produce.


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