Friday, October 25, 2013

The Basics of Horse Care

There's no better way of getting around your own ranch than with a good horse. The great advantages horses offer a rancher are, of course, accompanied by serious responsibilities in looking after these steeds. That said, here are three basics on taking care of horses.


Feeding horses is actually a bit more complicated than just giving the animal some hay. For example, it's advisable to add a bit of grain to horses' diet to make sure that they get all the nutrition they need. Mold is also a major factor as it could cause serious lung problems for the horse. Long story short: do your research on horse diet first.


Two of the most common choices for horse shelters are run-in shelters and stables. Each has its own pros and cons, so it is good to deliberate carefully on which option is best in your case. An example: stables provide complete shelter from the elements, but run-shelters are less susceptible to fire.


As with any other pet or domesticated animal, horses have their own share of health issues. As the owner, you must know at least a few of the veterinary basics, such as checking vital signs, deworming, and spotting the signs of an unhealthy horse.

You cannot get the full experience of owning a ranch without a healthy horse. Thus, if you're planning on buying a ranch soon, better start on the basics of horse care now.


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