Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Animals You Can Have in Your Ranch

Different ranch animals serve different purposes. They are usually classified into poultry animals, dairy animals, and transportation animals. Poultry animals include chicken, ducks, turkey, etc. Examples of dairy animals are cows, goats, buffaloes, etc. Poultry and dairy animals are always in high demand because of their meat and other products such as eggs, milk, etc., which are packed with many health benefits. Some ranch animals, like horses, yaks, llamas, and donkeys, are good for transportation

Common ranch animals are, no doubt, beneficial, but you might want to learn about animal hybrids that perform better than the original breeds. The basic idea behind hybrid animals is that you can get the best in the genetic qualities of both breeds. To get a better idea of hybrid ranch animals, here's a short list along with some info on what animals were combined to produce them:

  • Beefalo – American bison and a domestic cow

  • Botswana – sheep and goat

  • Mule – male donkey and female horse

  • Yakow – yaks and cows

  • Yakalo – yak and buffalo

Apart from the common and hybrid ranch animal examples above, dogs and cats make great ranch companions as well. Dogs in particular, can be trained and trusted with some herding tasks. Plus, they are loving, faithful, and sincere toward their masters.


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