Monday, October 7, 2013

Facts on Common Ranching Cattle Breeds

So, you've just bought ranch property, and are now taking the first steps towards establishing a cattle ranch. One of the most common questions first time ranchers ask is “what breed of cattle should I use for my ranch?” This is a valid and important question because each cattle variety presents ranchers with different advantages and disadvantages; and selecting the right breed for your ranch can help boost profitability. As such, here are a few facts on the most common breeds of cattle ranchers being raised:

The Angus breed, originating from Scotland, is one of the most recognized breeds of cattle in the world. In addition, Angus is the US beef industry's number one beef-producing breed, and is one of the most heavily demanded type of beef in the world due to excellent marbling and tenderness. Angus is also known for a low rate of calving complications, and efficient grazing-to-bodyweight conversion.

Brought by the British settlers, Hereford cattle are known as a hardy breed, easily adapting to a variety of climates. An early maturity and a good grazing-to-bodyweight efficiency makes Hereford cattle a popular choice for beef ranchers. Hereford cattle are also frequently used for cross-breeding with other cattle.

Wagyu beef actually comes from a variety of different cattle breeds. Literally meaning “Japanese cattle”, Wagyu cattle ironically develop better in the US than Japan, with most wagyu beef used in Japan being imported from the US, making raising quality wagyu beef a highly profitable venture for any investor considering a ranchland purchase.


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