Friday, August 2, 2013

The Irresistible Ranch Lifestyle in Colorado

Oscar-winning director and actor Kevin Costner is no stranger to the Western genre as it is his roles in these type of films where he first earned prominence. He is also one of the numerous celebrities who has shown his  devotion to the ranch lifestyle both onscreen and off screen. In a 2012 issue of Men's Journal, he referred to his 165-acre ranch in Aspen, Colorado as his “heaven on earth.”

So what is it about Colorado that inspire a ranch lifestyle? Well, for one, Colorado is a state that is known for its diverse geographical features such as mountainous terrains, vast plains, and desert lands, which all provide a great backdrop for a ranch. Colorado also has a wide landscape area, which is ideal for those who wish for more secluded living environments, away from plain sight of intruders or curious bystanders.

Those who want to unleash their inner hunter and gather their own food can go fishing in the Colorado River and catch their own dinner like largemouth bass fish. Those who simply want to watch beautiful creatures have a lot to keep an eye out for in Colorado, the home of hundreds of wildlife species; both locals and tourists can catch a glimpse of mountain lions, deer, elk bears, and Colorado's state mammal, the bighorn sheep. These creatures are a source of fascination for people who have grown tired of the skyscrapers and iron bridges that are typical of urban settings.


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