Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Investing in Dude Ranches

If you've invested in a ranch, you'd certainly want to see sizable returns on your investment. This means transforming the place into a wonderful dude ranch. However, depending on the ranch's overall condition at the time of purchase, it may take some time to transform the ranch into a suitable income generator. Dude ranches are split into a few broad categories:

Basic Dude Ranches

The basic dude ranch will be geared towards horseback riding activities. Ranch personnel can train guests on the finer details of riding and taking care of horses. Just like the cowboys of the Old West, you can also learn a thing or two about throwing lassos.

Resort Dude Ranches

Resort dude ranches will require upgrading the house with hotel-style amenities, and the management will organize activities for the guests, some of which will be relevant to the region.

Working Dude Ranches

Working dude ranches, as the name implies, will have much labor awaiting intrepid guests as a prerequisite to their stay. Guests are often engaged in herding livestock. If you are looking for horseback riding excursions, the ranch management will limit them to work-related activities.

Identifying the dude ranch that fits your preferences can help stretch the value of your investment. It is also a test of your people and financial skills.


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