Sunday, August 11, 2013

Excellent Farmland & Cattle Ranches in Wyoming

In Wyoming, anything beyond the capital city of Cheyenne is open land. In fact, the nearest city, which is Laramie to the west, is almost 50 miles away. You may not see land more expansive than in Wyoming, and the state's economy relies heavily on agricultural and livestock production. Among its greatest exports include sheep; the state ranks fourth in sheep and lamb production, and produces around 400,000 lambs and sheep, and 3.12 million pounds of wool a year.

However, sheep and lamb production is rather modest when compared to the state's cattle production—the latter produces over a million annually. The vast expanses of Wyoming and its excellent farmland makes it an ideal environment to raise a lot of cattle. Milk production, according to statistics, amount to more than 100 million pounds every year, with each cow capable of producing over 20,000 pounds. Also, farms close to Wyoming's southern border have easy access to dairy processing plants in neighboring Colorado.

Wyoming may not be as populated as other states, but it doesn't need to be. Its agricultural economy virtually feeds the entire United States with quality meat and dairy products. Agricultural production and livestock production are made possible with good farmland and cattle ranches, as well as proper management. Wyoming is cool with the rural life, as long as its livestock have grass to eat and space to roam.


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