Wolf Mountain Ranch

The Wolf Mountain Ranch is truly a western big-game hunter’s paradise situated in an incredibly scenic mountain setting. The property is comprised of approximately 9,280 deeded acres, located in the heart of the Little Wolf Mountains in southeastern Montana.

Six Shooter Ranch

At over 36,000 contiguous deeded acres, Six Shooter Ranch is a vast and beautiful intermountain hunting/recreation/wilderness property located just a short drive from the renowned charm and sophistication of Bend, Oregon.

JE Canyon Ranch

With over 46,700 deeded acres, the JE Canyon Ranch represents one of Colorado’s largest private ranches and wildlife preserves on the market today. Situated in southeastern Colorado’s canyon country, the property includes unique red rock canyons that rival those in southern Utah.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why New Mexico is a Remarkable Place to Buy Ranches

Why New Mexico is a Remarkable Place to Buy Ranches

If you're in the market to buy a ranch, you may already have your sights set on the Southwest. While large tracts of land in places like Wyoming or Colorado can be breathtaking, the Southwest, particularly New Mexico, has a certain magic all its own.

Fortunately, ranches for sale in New Mexico offer a wide variety of features, so you can pick the type of land which best suits your purposes. Read more here.

Tips for Buying a Wyoming Ranch

Tips for Buying a Wyoming Ranch

There are numerous ranches for sale in Wyoming, but how do you choose which one is perfect for you? If you know what you're looking for, it's not hard, but that's the point-you must know what you need and how to navigate the market.

We'll go through a few of the basics.The process comes down to knowing your needs, establishing a budget, and using the resources available to you. Read more here.

Nebraska – A Cattle Rancher's Paradise

Nebraska – A Cattle Rancher's ParadiseNebraska is nationally known for certain things – Nebraska Cornhuskers football, Warren Buffett, and the College World Series are three regularly mentioned. While the popularity of sports and money explain the familiarity with these subjects, one of Nebraska's main points of distinction can often go unnoticed.

Because much of the population doesn't stay up to date on the livestock and agriculture markets, they may not know how wonderful the state is for raising cattle. Read more here.

All About Colorado's Adams Ranch

All About Colorado's Adams RanchThe Adams Ranch is an excellent opportunity for Colorado ranchers looking to engage in cattle and hay farming. The land offers plenty of space for grazing and hay production as well as good water rights, bountiful sporting and recreational opportunities, and access to nearby state and national lands.

Those looking for ranches for sale in Colorado can expect to find everything they need here for year-round outdoor activities and productive cattle ranching. Read more here

Five Things to Know About Utah Elk Hunting

Five Things to Know About Utah Elk HuntingUtah has some of the best elk hunting in the world, and many hunters come to the state for a shot at a bull. This makes ownership of a hunting ranch near the mountains very appealing for landowners.

Prior to the elk hunting season, which starts in the fall, it helps to know that elk hunting is much more challenging than other game, like deer. Making the right preparations is crucial to success, so here are five things to keep in mind prior to fall. Read more here