Wolf Mountain Ranch

The Wolf Mountain Ranch is truly a western big-game hunter’s paradise situated in an incredibly scenic mountain setting. The property is comprised of approximately 9,280 deeded acres, located in the heart of the Little Wolf Mountains in southeastern Montana.

Six Shooter Ranch

At over 36,000 contiguous deeded acres, Six Shooter Ranch is a vast and beautiful intermountain hunting/recreation/wilderness property located just a short drive from the renowned charm and sophistication of Bend, Oregon.

JE Canyon Ranch

With over 46,700 deeded acres, the JE Canyon Ranch represents one of Colorado’s largest private ranches and wildlife preserves on the market today. Situated in southeastern Colorado’s canyon country, the property includes unique red rock canyons that rival those in southern Utah.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to Pick a Luxury Ranch

How to Pick a Luxury RanchRanches are known for the rural and rugged lifestye associated with them. Ranches today have diversified to allow for different modes of living. Luxury ranches are the ultimate homes in the countryside with additional features. They do not necessarily have to be the place solely for cowboys and those who want to live off the land. Read More..

Common Ranch Pests and How to Deal with Them

Common Ranch Pests and How to Deal with ThemOwning and running a ranch can be a rewarding venture. However, there are many pests that you should keep in check on your ranch. Managing these pests is key to having a properly running ranch. To ensure safety and satisfaction on your ranch, you should take the proper precautions to control pests.​Read More

5 Non-Traditional Ranch Animals

5 Non-Traditional Ranch AnimalsIf you are looking for a ranch in Wyoming, you might be thinking about how to make money off your ranch. The most familiar way to work the land is through cattle farming. Sometimes cattle appear to be the sole option for your ranch. Luckily, there are many different types of animals that you can choose as livestock.​Read More

4 Animals That Any [Ranch|Rancher] Should Have

4 Animals That Any [Ranch|Rancher] Should HaveA ranch is known for having vast herds of livestock to handle to be sold for what they produce. However any well-run ranch will have other animals to help with tasks around the ranch. These animals can be used to provide food or security. The cattle are not the only animals on the ranch because there are other animals that are necessary to keep things running smoothly. Read More...

3 Things to Do with Your Family on the Ranch

3 Things to Do with Your Family on the RanchYour ranch is a [key|perfect] opportunity to bond with your [family|relatives] and bring them closer together. You can [plan|enjoy] certain activities that will help you bond with your [family|children or grandchildren]. These activities include hunting and fishing, or even planning a reunion [of|with] your [extended family|more distant relatives]. Over time, your [ranch|property] will be less of a place of work and more [of a home|the place where you live].​Read More