Wolf Mountain Ranch

The Wolf Mountain Ranch is truly a western big-game hunter’s paradise situated in an incredibly scenic mountain setting. The property is comprised of approximately 9,280 deeded acres, located in the heart of the Little Wolf Mountains in southeastern Montana.

Six Shooter Ranch

At over 36,000 contiguous deeded acres, Six Shooter Ranch is a vast and beautiful intermountain hunting/recreation/wilderness property located just a short drive from the renowned charm and sophistication of Bend, Oregon.

JE Canyon Ranch

With over 46,700 deeded acres, the JE Canyon Ranch represents one of Colorado’s largest private ranches and wildlife preserves on the market today. Situated in southeastern Colorado’s canyon country, the property includes unique red rock canyons that rival those in southern Utah.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ranches for Sale in Colorado: Key Areas to Focus on for Profitability

How will you make your ranch profitable? That’s one of the most intimidating challenges that you might face when you’re planning to invest in a promising Colorado ranch for sale. While there is a high demand for beef and other cow products in the state and in other places where you can export, you would still need to employ systematic management of your property and efficient production to have high-quality products to sell in the first place.

Friday, May 15, 2015

Colorado Ranches for Sale: Why Young Buyers and Retirees Alike Invest

The farm and ranch real estate scene in Colorado has truly evolved over the decades and more strikingly in the recent years. Before, people would only associate these properties as investment opportunities for agriculture entrepreneurs. At present, however, you see a lot of buyers who are interested in making one of the lovely Colorado ranches for sale as their home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Ranches for Sale: Rainfed Farming is Expected to Grow in Importance

"Agriculture and ranching consume a considerable amount of water across the U.S. In some parts of the country, livestock consume even more water than people. Thus, water availability is a leading concern whenever agricultural production is discussed. With the onset of climate change and extreme climate events such as droughts and floods, efficient use of water in the agricultural industry is only expected to grow in importance. Agriculture implores both rainfed and irrigation farming. Many large ranches for sale are heavily invested in both, but of the two, it’s the latter that often requires the bigger financial and capital investment. As a result, rainfed agriculture is an option that many ranch owners are interested in, and one that may play a major role in the success of ranches and agricultural lands in the future."

Monday, May 11, 2015

Ranches for Sale in Utah: Soil Sequestration in the Beehive State

Successfully making ranches for sale in Utah sustainable will depend heavily on making the air, soil, and water healthy. With the three components managed properly, they can become renewable resources in an agricultural production setting. This is the duty that all responsible ranchers must take on, inherently making them the stewards of the land. When ranchers manage land for the health of the community and ecosystem, everybody benefits.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Draft a Long-Term Grazing Plan Upon Buying Oregon Ranches for Sale

"To determine the timeline for these strategies, you need to know where the drought is heading. The National Drought Mitigation Center maintains and updates drought maps to help ranchers and farmers determine the areas likely to be affected next. Ringwall suggests integrating these maps into standard ranching protocol. It’s also important to get ranch management services like Mirr Ranch Group to help you plan your next move. As these services are also in the business of listing ranches for sale in Oregon and elsewhere, they’re also familiar with maintaining their productivity. Grazing strategies aside, they’ll also plan water utilization and development. "

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Wyoming Ranches for Sale from This Year’s Best State for Retirement

"Ranches are a great place to retire. Wyoming is a great place to retire. Therefore, Wyoming ranches for sale are a godsend. The latest study by Bankrate ranked all 50 states by their cost of living, crime rate, community well-being, healthcare quality, tax rate, and weather. Wyoming came out on top due to its low crime rate, low tax rate, and great weather. Of the top ten states, Wyoming and eight others are landlocked, meaning the best places aren’t always beaches. "