Monday, October 27, 2014

Ranches for Sale in Colorado Grow Quality Hay to Satisfy Cattle Needs

As such, it only makes sense to hone in on cattle ranches for sale in Colorado where acres of hay can be planted, harvested, and satisfy the nutritional needs of your livestock. Grass, legume, mixed (grass and legume), and cereal grain hay contain protein, fiber, and other essential nutrients cattle need for optimum health. When cut while still green and growing in dry weather conditions, hay adequately fulfills a grazing cow’s diet. You might also want to look for farms that can be dedicated to hay production. You can then sell your produce to local livestock raisers or export to other markets around the globe. As a hay rancher, you will need the proper equipment to harvest and handle hay, such as mowers, rakes, and balers. Naturally, you must be able to operate these tools and store the bales correctly to maintain their quality.


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