Sunday, December 22, 2013

Plants That Can Ruin a Newly Bought Cattle Ranch

If you are looking at ranches for sale (or if you have already bought one), there is a good chance that you are considering establishing a cattle raising operation. In fact, you might have already decided which breed of cattle you will use and where to sell the beef. However, have you made sure that your ranch land is safe for your cattle?

There many plants that are poisonous to cattle that can be growing on your land. These plants present a danger to your cattle, especially if you plan on letting them graze naturally. Here are two common plants that should be removed from grazing areas:

Wild Cherries
People typically do not have to worry about cherries. However, cattle ranchers should remove any wild cherry fruits and plants because their leaves and seeds are poisonous to cattle.

You may use buttercups as ornamental flowers, but you must keep them away from your cattle. All parts of the buttercup plant are poisonous to cattle, as well as to goats and horses.

Be sure to study which plants commonly grow in the state your ranch is located to help you determine which of these you should look out for when letting your cattle graze. Additionally, designate one of your ranch hands to regularly survey the grazing land in case more of these poisonous plants appear. 


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